TORMATIC MAHS433 01, MAHS433 04, MHS43 1, S43 1 kompatibel fernbedienung ersatz 433 mhz in TORMATIC MAHS433-01, MAHS433-04, MHS43-1, S43-1 kompatibel fernbedienung ersatz 433 mhz

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R433a Fernbedienung

Mpc 3002165*145*25mm. Universal-fernbedienung rolling code. Hong kong. Wifi,bluetooth. J-10a-108. Boss 97. Kombination box code. 4 channels. Copy face to face. Uhf remote controls. Operating system: Heizung u. ventilatorenWholesale clamp. Kukea-952. Remote control duplicator for came. 26-bit wiegand, others upon request. Remote control,mini. Feste rolling code. 39 wireless/4 wire zones for various of accessories.. 

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